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Miracles by definition are extraordinary events manifesting a supernatural work of God―an unusual event or accomplishment, a wonder, a marvel. A never-ending supply of miracles have made up Susie Jennings life since November 1993, when she and a group of volunteers distributed 100 new blankets to the homeless living under the Canton Street bridge overpass in downtown Dallas.

In 31 Days of Mountaintop Miracles, Susie shares the legacy of a blanket distribution project that through God’s grace and guidance has grown from an unthinkable tragedy into Operation Care International (OCI), a worldwide outreach ministry, dedicated to caring for the homeless in Dallas, Texas and impoverished children around the world.

With a spirit of unconditional obedience, Susie and her OCI Team have reached over 130,000 homeless men, women and children in the Dallas Metroplex area and conducted major outreach efforts to change the lives of thousands of impoverished children in nine countries, including; the Philippines, India, Africa, Taiwan/China, Indonesia, Cambodia, Jordan, and Israel.

OCI has been faithful in carrying the message of love and hope to those in need through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. With over 3,000 volunteers and serving 8,500 + homeless, OCI hosts the nation’s largest Christmas party for those in need, held every December since 2004 at the Dallas Convention Center. 31 Days of Mountaintop Miracles is one woman’s legacy of what can happen when life is lived with unconditional obedience to the Lord.

At the end of each day, Susie challenges readers to Master a Miracle Mindset to look closely at the blessings of life through the eyes of a God who deeply loves them―a God who has a miraculous plan and purpose for their lives. It is through His provision that miracles can and do happen.

Make a Donation of $16 and receive Susie’s book.

Testimonials for Susie's Book

  • Susie's book is a true inspiration to everyone. Her unwavering commitment to be obedient to God in all she does has taken her to places that are hard to believe....but it is all true. The only explanation for some of the things that have happened to Susie during her ministry is that she was blessed by miracles from God. She is an amazing lady with a huge servant's heart and she touches many lives on a daily basis, always giving the glory to God. Susie is transparent when telling of her pain, disappointments and fears. Her courage is amazing. Leaving her job to dedicate her life to full time ministry, trusting the Lord will provide is a testament to her remarkable faith.

    Martha B
  • Susie Jennings, my Sister in Christ is a rare individual who truly understands the importance of unconditional obedience. This book is inspirational and challenging to the heart of the readers. Not only have I read her stories several times over, I have witnessed these events and heard these stories many times straight from the heart of a woman who is truly committed to the high calling on her life. Read this book - your faith will increase and you will grow in the grace and mercies of the Lord, Jesus Christ. Your life will be changed!

    Brenda Mahon
  • Susie Jennings is the real deal! She is a woman passionately in love with Jesus and 100% committed to His will for her life. She is also passionate about sharing the gospel of God's grace with as many people as possible, locally and across the world, taking as her life's mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ in all nations (Matthew 28:19). 31 Days to Mountaintop Miracles shows her journey over the last 20+ years of listening more closely to the voice of the Holy Spirit and following Him obediently in her ministry, Operation Care International. Susie challenges all believers to not just believe in God, but to BELIEVE HIM and the promises in His Word, and to believe His grace and provision are sufficient if only we will walk by faith and obedience. What a beautiful, inspiring, and motivating book!

    Kathryn Woodmansee
  • This book was an inspiring look into the ministry calling of Susie Jennings. She shares 31 days of her Miracles. This was a book that can be read straight through or as a 31 devotional. Susie lives her life as she listens and follows God's directions. Susie shares her ministry and unwavering commitment with us through the pages of 31 Days of Mountaintop Miracles. Inspiring!

    Deanna Stevens
  • Encouraging book that inspires hope in all of us! As we read about the wonderful things God has done, our faith is strengthened. Love this book.
    Karol Ladd
  • 31 Days of Mountaintop Miracles is an inspiring look not only at what God has done in the life of Susie Jennings, but a challenge to see what God wants to do in the reader's life. Through the chapters you walk with Susie in her pains and her joys. She is honest in sharing the dept of the pain when she lost her husband and in the times she wasn't delighted with all that God wanted her to do. In each situation she chose to follow God's clear leading to grow in her love for the down and out. From the small act of handing out blankets to the homeless in Dallas to a worldwide ministry, she has sought and trusted God's leadership.

    Texas Key Lady
  • 31 Days of Mountaintop Miracles by Susie Jennings was an amazing book. It’s one filled with Divine appointments, answered prayers, and just encourages the reader to seek God personally for what plan He wants us to help fulfill in His greater purpose. It’s a book filled with hope despite the sadness that brought this author to that point in her life. I love that she shared her personal story first, then used short 31 chapters to tell the rest of her story - the ministry God planted in her heart and used her to reach and love His children. A book I will tell many people about - Book clubs, personal devotions, and Bible studies are great ways to use this book.

  • Susie Jennings has had an extraordinary life. In this highly engaging book, you will quickly discover her life has not been without tragedy. Yet Susie has learned not to see difficulties as problems but challenges for God to overcome. Each chapter will help you gain fresh clarity for your own life.
    W. Terry Whalin Acquisitions Editor / Writer
  • This is a must read! Susie activated her faith and trusted God with all of her heart! God has taken this mighty warrior on a wild ride because of her pinpoint obedience. This book will inspire you to activate your own faith. Encouraging and inspiring!

    Mike Tirone
  • After losing her husband at such a young age, and in such a horrific manner, Susie could have wallowed in her grief for decades. No one would have faulted her for that. Instead, she listened when she heard the voice of God telling her to do the one thing that she really detested! She never liked homeless people while growing up in the Phillipines. Her mother would help them regularly and ask Susie to assist, and she hated it! So,for her to obey God in this manner was a miracle in and of itself. By doing so, she never expected the blessings that were to follow. She gained a whole new family of volunteers and board members who loved her as she launched Operation Care, a ministry to the homeless. From its humble beginnings of handing out blankets to the homeless, it became a global ministry. I was amazed at how God orchestrated the Nation's Largest Christmas Party at the Dallas convention Center, with volunteers ministering to over 10,000 homeless people. From the very first page of this book, I was hooked. I couldn't put it down because I wanted to hear about the next miracle.

    Julie Robinson
  • Susie Jennings is a woman who is living her life according to the Lord's will. She has written an extremely inspirational book about her life. She overcame a terrible tragedy and went on to change the lives of so many people. Through Operation Care, Susie has helped homeless and impoverished people around the world. The book is full of wonderful stories of unending miracles. Susie describes to the reader the way to a "miracle mindset." She illustrates the need for all of us to trust God to work for good in our lives. Her faith is unwavering and she shares her love for Jesus at every opportunity. Reading 31 Days of Mountaintop Miracles is an enlightening and uplifting experience. This book will encourage you to find miracles in your own life and lead you to a closer relationship with the Lord. Well done!

    Pamela Jo
  • This is a wonderful story told by a very remarkable woman, who recounts what happened when she decided to literally give her whole life to God! These are stories of her experiences, and her miracles as she follows Jesus every day.
    Joe Amendt
  • What an inspiration this book was to me. It reminded me, again, that God always listens to our prayers. His answers are real. If we keep that line of communication open between our hearts and His, He will see us through everything we face.

    Keith Terry
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